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Nine years ago, after a decade in corporate marketing/advertising, a move out of my hometown in Southern California to Northern California and 6 months pregnant with my son Noah, I FINALLY put the pedal to the medal and took the risk to make a dream of being my own boss a reality. With barely an idea for what kind of products I was going to hand make and sell, I created my Etsy shop, a stand-alone website, did some marketing and orders started rolling in but I barely had just a prototype of my product. Holy Cow! What was I going to do?

See, marketing was my jam. I knew what I needed to do to build a website, optimize it for conversions, and create a well rounded digital marketing campaign and get customers. I had done this over and over for businesses of all types, ranging from Realtors, Dentists, Lawyers, Hair Stylists, E-Commerce Sites and pretty much everything in between and that's when I had my AHA moment...why wasn't I doing this for myself?

Fast forward and I was able to get my prototype perfected (a fancy baby bodysuit for boys) and I kept on with my marketing and grew that little business over the last 7 years to be selling my product on, Amazon, Etsy, my own website, and to wholesale accounts all over the world with Millions of Dollars of Physical Product Sales.

I have had alot of people over the years reach out and ask me how they can start a business like mine, or what they need to do to market their business to increase revenue. At the time,  I was just focused on growing my Boytique and did not have the time to invest in going back to my consulting days and taking on clients. 

So, what I did, is create my FREE course for people wanting to get started with a basic overview of my proven marketing formula and show them how to implement some simple tweaks to help grow their businesses.

Well, people wanted I created my 3 marketing blueprints that are a DIY option for someone wanting to do their own marketing services for their business.

Still, I had people constantly reaching out asking me if I would handle their marketing for them because they just didn't have the time to do it themselves. Well, I am finally opening up for a limited number of clients who I will oversee all aspects of their digital marketing for them. 

I want to share my proven formula with as many businesses as possible and save them from wasting time and money. I know what works to grow a business and increase revenue whether you have a service based business or a goods based one. If you are not running a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, I guarantee you are leaving money on the table that your competition is gladly capitalizing on!

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CEO & Founder with her son's Noah and Nikolas

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