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Do you want to save yourself time and money when it comes to managing your Social Media Accounts and deciding what content to post each day? 


The biggest win you can give yourself on your social media is engagement and you can acheive that with content like we have included in our One Year of Done for You Content.


Our One Year of Content bundle contains 365 days of content for you to copy and paste into your social media posts. Just add a touch of personaliztion from my prompts and you are set to go! 


No more spending hours trying to decide the perfect content to write with every single social media post.


You can follow my calendar and copy and paste what is suggested for each day or search by theme of posts like, conversation starters, holidays, calls to action and more.


Here are a few samples of what you will find inside.


Calls to Action Content Posts:

In one word tell me how you feel about <insert thing>


Authority Building Posts:

Right now I so excited about something new I'm cooking up for you. I've just spent a weekend <outdoors/at a retreat/with family> and the time away from work inspired me to <x> What’s inspiring you today?


Engagement Starter:

Hobbies. Do you have time for any? I think I need a new one. Suggestions welcome (or if you have one share it and ask others to share theirs)


Those are just a few examples of the goodness that lies inside!


One Year Of Done For You Social Media Content

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