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Building an Etsy Store That Sells

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Are you struggling with getting traffic to your Etsy Listings? Are you spending hours of frustration trying to create videos for your listings and video content to share to your social media? Join Lindsay in her course where she shares how to use video marketing to drive tons of traffic to your Etsy listings and her secret weapon for creating hundreds of videos in seconds! Lindsay built her first Etsy shop nearly 10 years ago where she built a brand that grew to selling on Wal-mart, Amazon, Shopify, and numerous wholesale accounts all over the world...all from a hobby that turned into a full time thriving business. On Etsy she was a top 1% seller with over 35,000 sales and selling over 7 figures in revenue and now she is sharing her tips for how she used video marketing to put her Etsy shop on a path to great success. The Course is Broken Down to the Following Easy to Follow Sections: 1. Let's Learn Some Basic Etsy SEO 2. Why/How to Use Videos to Boost Traffic/Sales 3. How to Use Videos to Grow Your Instagram Traffic 4. How to Use Videos for Facebook Posts/Ads 5. How to Use Videos to Increase Pinterest Traffic (Lindsay's E-commerce store averages over 6 MILLION views per month on Pinterest!) 6. Social Proof and Reviews




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