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Chances are you have found me because you need help with marketing your business...cause I don't think you found me while you were shopping for those new shoes on Amazon. Wink Wink

Well, I am here to assist you in getting your potential customers to find YOU online!


Whether you need a new website, social media management, coaching on how to market your business, branding, Google Places help or consulting on starting a new business from the ground up...I am your go to marketing guru.

See, I am different than most because I am a  fellow business owner, an online children's clothing retailer to be exact. I understand what it takes to manage the daily operations of a business. I know what it takes to build a business from the ground up and I know how important a comprehensive marketing strategy is for a business to have success and longevity.

So what are you waiting for? Let's chat and see how I can help you!


The Marketing U Difference

I am in the business of understanding my client's goals, current marketing strategies (if any), how to cohesively integrate marketing efforts on and offline, and most importantly make sure my clients are not wasting their time and money on cookie cutter marketing tactics that are tailored to the masses and not the individual.


If you go to a marketing agency and you can click a button to pay for monthly marketing management without talking to someone who truly understands YOUR unique the other way.


Our costs fluctuate based on our client's needs and that can range from $200/month to $10,000+/month or single project fees.  We have strategies for you, whether you are literally starting out at point 0 (no website, no strategy, no branding and no idea where to begin) to plans for established businesses who are looking to scale massively with unique out of the box strategies tailored just for your company.


Not sure what you need? Take advantage of our FREE marketing audit by clicking the link here or in our site menu under the Free Resources tab.

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FOllow us @marketinguagency

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We have built successful businesses from the ground up, over and over again, using our proven marketing strategies, servicing industries of all types. Whether you are in the very beginning phases of starting your business, you are established and just looking to grow and increase revenues, or you need a complete overhaul on the way you are bringing customers to your doors in this ever changing market, we are here for you!



We make sure your website is set up so customers can find you. Google is the number one search platform people go to when they are searching online. Are you showing up before your competitors in Google when your potential customers are searching for your products or services?



If you are not focusing on at least one social media platform as a consistent way to drive traffic to your website or business directly then you are losing tons of potential customers to your competitors. Social media needs to be apart of your marketing mix no matter what industry you are in



Ughhhh the dreaded paid advertising. When done properly PPC should make you jump for joy because you will be generating a positive return on what you are spending.  No more saying, "I don't have money for advertising right now". We will have your money making you money in no time.



Whether you need a simple website just to show an online presence or a complex e-commerce solution we've got you covered.



For those of you who don't want to hire someone to handle your digital marketing for you, but prefer to learn and do it on your own, you're in luck! We offer several tiers of our proven marketing system that gives you step by step instructions on how to implement the exact methods we use for our clients. We suggest checking out our FREE course below that is filled with extremely valuable information. We believe watching this course first  will help you decide which system will be best for you and your marketing goals.



Not sure what you need? Take advantage of our free marketing audit.

During our audit we will conduct a phone interview to assess current marketing strategies:


Digital (PPC online)

Social Media


We will then conduct a competitive analysis to see where you are positioned in the market compared to your competitors.

Based on our findings we will either say, "heck ya, you are doing awesome and there is nothing we suggest to improve on," or we will make our recommendations for where you can improve and get yourself more customers, drastically increasing revenues! 

If you already have a digital marketer in place and we find things we can improve for you, chances are, they are utilizing cookie cutter methods to get the most clients they can, and not looking and drilling down into each individual business, discovering what their goals are, the most cost effective ways to be spending their marketing and advertising dollars, and truly caring about YOUR businesses success.

We are fellow local business owners who have built successful businesses from the ground up, to six-figure+ revenue businesses with our comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

What are you waiting for? Let's See How We Can Help!! 

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